NWNL Hydro-graphics are environmental “soundbites” on values and conditions of freshwater resources. We offer 36 hydro-graphics in a $20 NWNL Paperback Book Store – or singly as a free PDF download for use by educators and communicators.

Hydro-Graphics Book

Organized by Themes and Watersheds, NWNL Hydro-Graphics address:
    • “Virtual Water Content” used to create our food & products
    • “WASH” – Water Availability for Sanitation and Hygiene
    • Global watershed values and stewardship
    • Our 6 NWNL case-study watersheds
NWNL Hydro-graphics can be grouped to fit educators’ curricula and can help teachers, parents and students explain watershed values and threats via their combination of the powers of photography and science to raise awareness.

To support NWNL’s freshwater focus, please stories and photos of your use of NWNL Hydro-graphics on the NWNL Facebook page or by NWNL Email.