Fresh Water Focus

In 2006 NWNL began documenting freshwater quality and availability in N America and Africa. A broad NWNL FOCUS informs our expedition methodology, imagery and interviews used for exhibits, lectures and both online and print publications.

Watershed: a land area that drains water into a certain river or other body of water.

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the River
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Where We Work

Our NWNL Watersheds and NWNL SPOTLIGHTS represent economic, cultural and geographic diversity. They include forests, mountains, plains, wetlands and other ecosystems threatened by pollution, dams, growing populations and climate change. NWNL listens to scientists, stewards, policy-makers and grassroots stakeholders to learn and share how they restore ecosystems, educate communities and create technology and treaties to protect their freshwater resources.

Columbia River Basin

Pacific NW, USA-CAN

Raritan River Basin

New Jersey, USA

Mississippi River Basin

31 States, USA

Nile River Basin

11 Nations, NE Africa

Omo River Basin

SW Ethiopia – N Kenya

Mara River Basin

SW Kenya – N Tanzania