Raritan River Basin

VIDEO:  Raritan River Basin
A Sustainable Perspective for New Jersey’s Longest River

Raritan River Basin: A Sustainable Perspective for New Jersey, by Associated Pictures LLC, 2011 (3:08).

Raritan River Basin map
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Description by NWNL: The Raritan represents the smallest of NWNL’s 6 case-study watersheds in Africa and North America. Despite its bucolic upstream habitats, the Raritan’s heavily-industrialized downstream reaches testify to the need for SuperFund sites and other approaches addressing pollution as well as the sustainable resource management of urban watersheds.

Associated Pictures created this piece to help NWNL raise awareness of the many values of the Raritan River as it flows through the nation’s most densely-populated state. The film highlights centuries of degradation to the Raritan watershed now being addressed by the Sustainable Raritan River Initiative. NWNL is proud to be a member of this collaborative of more than 70 organizations, businesses, academic groups and environmental organizations working to restore and protect the Raritan River Basin and all of its tributaries.

NWNL thanks Associated Pictures for this video. In the spirit of understanding the values of our watersheds, let us all commit to visiting, conserving, protecting, or at least appreciating our freshwater resources!