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NWNL Hydro-Graphics on Virtual Water Content

Designs by Jenna Petrone – Photos by Alison M. Jones

We Eat and Wear Water!

The Virtual Water Project defines the virtual water content of a product (a commodity, good or service) as the volume of all the freshwater used to produce the product, measured at the place where the product was actually produced.

Click an image to see it larger, or use the Download link to get the high-quality high-resolution version. (Most are 720 pixels square.)

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Mississippi River Basin, Iowa

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Pioneer Stock Farm, Washington

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Snake River Basin, Washsington

Download full size (369 KB)
Lucia Mtns. & Pacific Ocean, CA

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Santa Barbara, California

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Poster & App from Virtual Water Project

Above: Virtual Water App

Left: Virtual Water Project Poster (top half)

The Virtual Water Project offers a large poster (33 x 47 in., 841 x 1189 mm) showing how much water is used in the production of everyday food products, and an interactive app for iPhone showing water use for an even broader range of products.

[Updated July 25, 2016]