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THERE are lots of websites with water use calculators and tips for helping you find ways to save more water. Here are a few examples.

Water Footprint Calculator from GRACE Communications Foundation will help you estimate your water usage and see where most of the water is used. There are also plenty of water saving tips for around the house, food choices, shopping smarter, and even energy use.

The EPA’s WaterSense Calculator shows you how much water you can save by replacing older fixtures with newer WaterSense products. The page begins with indoor and outdoor water-saving tips – scroll down a little farther for the calculator. Click the images below the calculator for more water saving suggestions for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Also see the links at the top of the page for more helpful info about low-flow products, landscaping and watering, new homes, commercial buildings, and case studies of successful water efficiency efforts.

The Home Water Works Water Calculator calculates water use in bathroom, kitchen, laundry and outdoors. It’s accompanied by plenty of water conservation tips for homes and for businesses.

Extensive tips on Landscaping and Irrigation go from site preparation and assessing the current landscape to types of water-saving plants and their placement in the landscape, installation, irrigation and maintenance.

[Published September 5, 2015]