Watersheds in Europe

NWNL offers this list as a helpful resource,
but does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of the videos below.

Danube River Basin

Managing the Black Sea and the Danube River by UNDP (6:56).

Description by UNDP: The Danube River flows through many Eastern European countries before reaching the Black Sea. For decades, the discharge of polluted water into the Danube resulted in nutrient over-enrichment in the Black Sea, affecting fish stocks, beaches and the incidence of waterborne disease.

NWNL Comment: Excessive use of artificial fertilizers in the last 50 years following the Green Revolution have run into the Danube causing eutrophication creating a large dead zone in the Black Sea. To help the 17 European countries within the Danube watershed, UNDP identified pollution sources, found clean-up funding, and strengthened institutions that could encourage policy and regulatory reform.