Watersheds in Asia

NWNL offers this list as a helpful resource,
but does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of the videos below.

Dong River – China

Disappearing River, Part 7: Stinking, but “Suitable for Use” by Ma Man Keung, Mandy Lee, Bo Zimu, Shiny Li Radio Free Asia, 2011 (2:35).

NWNL Comment: China’s Dong River is exposed as extremely polluted, altho it provides drinking water and irrigation water all the way downstream to Hong Kong.. Much of the pollution comes from 3 decades of neglect in Xinteng, a fishing village that became one of the fastest-growing cities of the world. Although an important part of China’s economic zone, there has been no planning for sewage or waste water, thus 1 million tons of sewage enters the river daily!

Description by Radio Free Asia: Proper water treatment has not kept pace with construction in Shenzhen. Winner of Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting.

Mekong River Basin – Cambodia

Discover Conservation International’s Greater Mekong Program by Conservation International (Allan Michaud), 2010 (5:33).

NWNL Comment: This is a discussion of Mekong watershed issues in Cambodia that include flooded forests; water, climate and food security; and hydropower dams that would impact one of the greatest fisheries in the world and biodiversity conservation.