NWNL in Kenya
Dry streams, illegal dams, people running out of water – and positive change, too. February 2018.

Wishing you Peace & Joy in 2018!
A look back at NWNL’s year of activities. December 2017.

Working Collaboratively
NWNL’s expanded team, new blog posts, new interviews and weekly news drops.  October 2017

Upstream and Downstream in 2017
This has been an energetic year, with expeditions to India and Nebraska and other activities. Here’s our mid-year report, June 2017.

NWNL RECOMMENDS:  Rachel Carson – A PBS Film
Carson’s epic book Silent Spring was an early tipping point in environmental awareness and very timely today.  January 2017

Let’s Make 2017 a Big Water Year!
Your donation is just ONE CLICK away – and tax deductible, thanks to our new fiscal sponsor, the International League of Conservation Photographers.  January 2017

Launching Our Second Decade – a new timeline for an NWNL book with interviews and photographs, student pages on an updated website, and dissemination of our Voices of the River interviews – and how you can help with your support!  December 2016

Be Thankful – Water is Life!
Things to be grateful for at this Thanksgiving season.

A Nameless Louisiana Flood: Tragedy and Case Study – A photo essay about the devastating Louisiana flood of August 2016.

A Season of Change – New seasons bring new momentum,
new partners, and new outreach to NWNL – just as our
Hydrologic Water Cycle is constantly renewed. August 2016

Celebrating Conservation in Kenya – A new Instagram photo series in honor of Mara Conservancy’s 15th Anniversary, June 2016.

Supporting Wetlands, Watersheds and NWNL
We’re transcribing more interviews from our 9-year collection, “Voices of the River”. Here’s a report on our progress and how you can help.
February 2016

NWNL receives Philip Hyde Environmental Grant from NANPA! – This grant will help fund transcription and posting of 39 interviews of scientists, stakeholders and stewards in our three North American case-study watersheds. January 2016

A Flow of Holiday Thoughts…
and gift ideas from our NWNL Store. Your purchases and donations help support NWNL. December 2015

Caring – We all care about having clean fresh water.
Help support NWNL and get a photo gift!

Gratitude – NWNL raises a glass of water to all of you as friends who respect and protect our freshwater supplies for the long term.
November 2015

Water Fun – For ALL!
We need everyone’s input, Hippies to Millennials! Take our 5-minute water survey – and share it!

NWNL Watersheds Survey – We hope you’ll enjoy the educational elements in this 5-minute survey. The results will help us create more appropriate and meaningful NWNL lectures, articles and exhibits.

Water: Source of Cooperation, not Conflict
Can international attention halt dam projects? News about impacts on the environment and traditional pastoralists, and negotiating environmental justice in Kenya.

Water & Photos in Texas, May 27, 2015
Long-term solutions for droughts and floods in Texas, and NWNL’s prize-winning documentary photos published.

Every Drop Counts! Help us reach a wider audience!
Making NWNL’s documentation available to a wider audience, and how you can help.

Looking After Our Watersheds
Dr. Judy Shaw and Alison M. Jones discuss how stewardship of our watersheds can raise awareness of threats to freshwater sources, and lingering effects of the BP oil spill; April 2015

Upcoming Artist Talks — In honor of Earth Day, “Caring for Our Watersheds – Locally and Globally” will discuss ways to foster partnerships for resource management. April 2015

“Following Rivers” — A photo exhibit by NWNL’s Alison M. Jones opens at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries with a reception March 14, 2015

Watershed Education for All — You can help NWNL encourage grassroots awareness and action. Water issues are people issues. December 2014

November 2014 Watershed Updates — This year NWNL explored the drought in California’s Central Valley and several issues related to dams in our 3 North American case study watersheds.

A Summer of Rivers — NWNL returns from the Snake River Basin,
stories from American Rivers, oysters in the bays, the Wild Center in the Adirondacks, Earth Day Symposium on water usage, and a Mississippi River expedition coming up in September.

Spring 2014 Newsletter: We’re all connected downstream!
Clarifying the rules that protect our water quality, Spotlight on California Drought, upcoming Snake River Expedition, and publication of NWNL documentation.

Chasing California’s Thirst — NWNL Spotlight:
California Drought Expedition, March 14–26, 2014

Join No Water No Life in 2014!
NWNL needs your fiscal support to continue inspiring protection of our freshwater resources. All donors of $100 or more will receive a signed NWNL photograph!

Season’s Greetings from NWNL
The biggest story of our times may be about WATER –
and it is a PEOPLE story!

An Ongoing Lesson — A tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Happy Thanksgiving from NWNL
with photos from our Sept.–Oct. 2013 expedition along the Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers.

June is “National Rivers Month”. How Native Americans are helping to clean up our rivers, how Federal policy affects issues with flooding, and the 2013 National Rivers Cleanup.

April 22 is Earth Day, the Ultimate Mother’s Day
Honoring Mother Earth – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

March 22nd the World Celebrates Water Day!
This year is the 20th anniversary. International water cooperation, educational tools, NWNL’s new photo galleries, and more.

Saturday, February 2nd is World Wetlands Day!
Celebrating the Convention on Wetlands, ways to reduce water consumption, NWNL’s Lake Turkana expedition, and more.

Peace and Clean Water for All, December 23, 2012
News about NWNL’s progress, and a request for help wtih funding.

Blue Drinks! December 8, 2012
Water luminaries discussing the effects of climate change, devastation of oceans and freshwater resources, and social impacts, specifically with regard to Hurricane Sandy.

World Rivers Day, September 30, 2012
News about an upcoming presentation with Alison Jones in CT, NWNL’s upcoming Red River Basin Expedition in Texas and Lake Turkana Expedition, Kenya.

World Water Week, August 2012
Upcoming NWNL expeditions, updated links and new videos on our website, and a hope for the best for those in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

More “Earth Swatches”
We got many responses to our Earth Day newsletter
with more spin-offs on our name.

Earth Day, April 2012
An Earth Day “Thank You” to our supporters, and creative uses of “No Water, No Life.”

No Water No Life is 5 Years Old!
Help support NWNL’s work and get a gift!
Recent and upcoming expeditions, and other news.

Forests, Clean Water and Peace for All, December 2011
A reparation ceremony; planting of trees in African watersheds; and NWNL wants to exchange gifts with you!

3rd Annual Raritan River Initiative Conference opened with a screening of NWNL’s Raritan film.

Celebrate World Environment Day 2011
The importance of forests; The Raritan River Conference; and NWNL featured in The Huffington Post.

Endangered Species Day 2011
Birds as environmental stewards; and Alison Jones featured as ILCP Photographer of the Month.

“Dinner” Photo Exhibit
NWNL photo from one of our case-study watersheds in exhibit May 19 – June 18, 2011.

Raritan River Basin: A Sustainable Perspective for New Jersey’s Longest River. A 3-minute video helps raise awareness of the many values of the Raritan River and of the Sustainable Raritan River Initiative.

World Water Day, March 22, 2011
Video documentary “A River Runs Through Us” features images from NWNL’s three Omo River Basin expeditions.

Watershed Updates March, 2011: Nuclear plants in the Columbia and Mississippi River Basins; heavy snows flooding New Jersey rivers; and drought in the Nile River Basin.

Our New Year’s Resolution
NWNL Thoughts for the New Year
December 22, 2010.

September 2010 Newsletter
World Rivers Day, September 26, 2010.

Serengeti Watershed Alert!
Proposed Serengeti Highway threatens Mara River Basin wildlife & ecosystem.

July 2010 Newsletter
Recent NWNL expeditions and honors, and a new video, July 2010.

World Oceans Day 2010
The Cost of Ignoring the Balance of Nature, from 1993’s “Flood of the Century” to the oil spill of 2010.

Uganda & Kenya
NWNL’s first White Nile expedition and revisit to the Mara during its rainy season, March–April 2010.

February 2010 Newsletter
The “Length of the Mara” Expedition, magazine coverage, photo awards and more, plus upcoming expeditions.

NYC to Africa
The Mara River Expedition, September–October 2009, examines the river basin’s vulnerability to human-induced degradation.

NWNL Highlights the Omo River Basin, June 2009
Environmental and social impacts of a dam, NWNL’s recent photographic honors, NWNL helps the African Rainforest Conservancy.

Earth Day / Aqua Day 2009
About “Earth/Aqua” Day, NWNL’s upcoming “Length of the Mara River” expedition, how to honor Earth/Aqua Day, water consumption in food production for meat and vegetarian diets, the spiritual value of fresh water resources.

March 2009 Newsletter
Rio Grande trip, Lower Omo and other expeditions, stewardship, sanitation, lectures and exhibits.

December 2008 Newsletter
“Our Thirst Is in Jeopardy,” report to Explorers Club, Obama On Domestic Water Crisis, Supporting NWNL.

Exhibit Opening, August 2008
Also see the Castlegar News article in the Press section.

NWNL’s first traveling exhibit opened in Canada’s Upper Columbia River Basin (Aug 8 – Sept 21, 2008). Three dozen canvas giclee images document the values, degradation issues and solutions for freshwater resource management in the project’s six case-study watersheds.

Reprieve for Wolves, August 2008
NWNL discusses the significance of the wolf on the Endangered Species List and its role in the hydrology of the Upper Mississippi headwaters’ Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

June 2008 Newsletter
Thoughts on Mississippi River’s flooding, recommended books and magazines, NWNL’s recent and forthcoming 2008 Watershed Expeditions.

2008 Earth Day Sale
Since animals and humans depend on water, all proceeds from sales of these photos will go to No Water No Life, a nonprofit project raising awareness of freshwater availability, usage and quality within watersheds in North America and Africa. From now until May 1, prints may be ordered (up to 11” x 16”) for only $225!

January 2008 Newsletter
NWNL’s first email newsletter includes a letter from the Project Director, book and exhibit recommendations, and updates on 2007 accomplishments and 2008 plans.

2007 Expeditions
Three NWNL expeditions were launched in 2007. The Columbia River was documented as the NWNL team covered 4700 miles from its Canadian glacial sources to its Oregon estuary settled by the Chinook Nation and discovered by Lewis and Clark. The Blue Nile watershed was explored by car and plane and the Lower Omo River Basin was traversed by 4WD and boat.