Upstream and Downstream in 2017

Since NWNL began (2007), each year has been fascinating – and 2017 is no exception. Three new expeditions have yielded new imagery and knowledge on:
  – India’s Ganges and the U.S. Platte values and beauty of classic braided rivers,
  – A boldly diverse, rural-urban coalition of Nebraska’s ranchers, farmers, teachers, police and Cowboy-Indian Alliance, a strong grassroots protection of our waters and soil.

We are full of renewed energy! Long-term advisors, a new office team, and volunteers are excitedly helping us promote watershed protection. Attending Rutger’s 9th Raritan River Initiative in NJ and the Book Expo of America in NYC last month also boosted our spirit.

For 6 months, we’ve been “running with the current and spreading out on the flood plains.” Next, we’ll nudge past donors to send in their usual gift. If that’s you – or you want to join our donor family – please go to our Fiscal Sponsor’s NWNL Donate Page! Thanks for jumping in!

Hoping you’ll enjoy a nearby river or lake this summer! — Alison M. Jones

NWNL Welcomes our new Project Manager, Sarah Kearns! She’s a literal tree-hugger and a white-water rafter! Her background includes a BFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University, studies in Florence and Rome, and an internship at the Guggenheim Museum. Click here to check out her personal website.

We also welcome Paul Robinson, who’s researching best ways for NWNL to disseminate and publish our materials gathered over the last 11 years.

NWNL Exhibits

Our Images in 2017 Exhibits examine how to best mitigate waste toxins, dams as barriers, headwater deforestation and other threats:
Sustainability: Masters School, NY
The Raritan River: Our Legacy: at J&J Headquarters, NJ
H2O Today-Water Matters: Smithsonian Institute
India: Umbrella Arts, NYC

NWNL 2017 Expeditions:

Northern India: Ganges River and Arid Rajasthan: Jan-Feb
Central Platte River Basin/Nebraska: March
Missouri River Basin/Nebraska: June

NWNL Voices of the River

Our latest post is a Transboundary Management Interview with Joseph Terer, the Nile Basin Initiative’s Mara River Program Manager. He speaks of drought and dams, intense ongoing issues as settlement in the Mau Forest headwaters continues.

NWNL 2017 Blogs

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[Published June 30, 2017]