Celebrating Conservation in Kenya

New Instagram series on the Mara Conservancy

Jambo! I want you to know about our current series of photos on Instagram in honor of the 15th anniversary of Kenya’s Mara Conservancy (June 11, 2001). I was fortunate to be involved in this initiative’s founding days in the western Triangle of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The ensuing 15 years are testimony to the benefits of community-based conservation and the efficacy of public-private non-profit management. They are also a part of our NWNL documentation of sustainable solutions.

Despite global recessions, terrorism impacts and disease scares reducing tourism income, the Mara Conservancy has survived. Many are amazed, including world-renowned conservationists, who applauded the Conservancy on its opening day, but doubted it would last more than two years given the volatility of Kenya’s politics.

Today tourism and wildlife thrive in the Mara Triangle, thanks to the security and solid management provided by the Conservancy. Furthermore, more than 100 similar conservancies have sprung up since 2001 based on this initial model. My most hearty congratulations to all involved, especially Kenyan and other US conservationists, supporting politicians and especially adjacent Maasai communities.

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Thank you! Asante Sana!