Supporting Wetlands, Watersheds and NWNL

Since Jan. 6, Alison has been immersed in intense editing of expedition interviews already transcribed, which will shortly entail paying webmaster expenses. The first series of 10 interviews will be about The Mau Forest, Kenya’s largest water tower and the source of the Mara River Basin.

Soon we’ll be needing to pay transcribers to prepare more interviews for our 9-year collection of what we’re calling "Voices of the River.” This feature is proving to be just as valuable to all interested in watershed analysis and solutions as NWNL’s extensive photo archive.

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– We’ve already received $15,000 in donations and $2,500 in grant dollars!
– We raised 1/2 of our 2015 total in Jan. Let’s raise the other 1/2 in Feb.!
– We’re rapidly putting out new interviews, stories and products.
Please match our pace!

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WETLANDS QUICK FACTS! A summary of the values and functions of world wetlands.

UPCOMING EXHIBITS! NWNL photography will be included in a water initiative with the Smithsonian.

NEW! This is 1 of a set of 4 inspiring coasters featuring NWNL hydro-graphics. Great conversation starters!