We wish you the Magic of water, the Rhythm of rivers and the Joy of friends and family on our riverbanks!

Giraffe and Maasai cross Amboseli Lake in a mirage.

“THE RIVER SPEAKS”  – Poem by Gene Lindberg

Down from the mountains of eternal snow
The streams come tumbling, joining as they flow
To send a river winding toward the sea.
I listen, and the river speaks to me.
It tells of meadows on a thirsty plain; Of gardens blooming where there is no rain;
Of mighty cities built upon its banks; Of living things that owe the river thanks.
The waters speak to me, and hurry on, Eager to come and eager to be gone.
Almost it seems as if the river knew, How many things there are for it to do.
Sometimes it pauses, to lay up a store of liquid wealth in lake and reservoir,
Then leaps a dam and hastens on again,
Turning a wheel to light the homes of men.
The river speaks, and deserts cease to be;
Wide fields grow green, and ships go down to the sea,
I hear the water singing as it goes: “Let life go on, because the river flows.”

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“The fate of animals is…indissolubly connected with the fate of men.”
— Émile Zola