No Water No Life

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It shows a reason for hope that the 300 thousand people who depend on Lake Turkana will not resort to conflict as they watch their lake disappear…

Negotiating environmental justice

Can international attention halt dam projects?

As Ethiopia's Omo River is depleted by new dams and large ag biz, the water level of Kenya’s Lake Turkana, the river's terminus, is under grave threat. Thus strife will increase among Lake Turkana residents, making efforts such as "Kitchen Without Borders" even more important! 

In 2013, No Water No Life visited Cabesi and spoke with founder, Rolf Gloor, who said “If people can sit down to eat together, peace will come.”

Bottle-top checkers at Kitchen Without Borders / The Omo Delta flowing into Lake Turkana

Find out more

Read a recent Nat Geo article (Aug 2015) for stories about the threats to Lake Turkana, Africa’s largest desert lake.
Watch a video by International Rivers about the hydrological impacts of dam projects in the region.
CABESI is a project offering alternative livelihoods to pastoralists who find their old traditions must adapt to future needs and climatic situations.
Kitchen Without Borders encourages peaceful experiences and dialogue amongst rival tribes in conflict over water rights.

The Omo River supplies 90% of Lake Turkana's water.

Water can be a source of cooperation, not conflict.

Lake Turkana is rich in waterbird, fish and aquatic species.