No Water No Life

New Jersey 3rd grade with NWNL Director
Kenyan primary school in Mara River Basin

NWNL needs your fiscal support
to continue inspiring protection of our freshwater resources.
All donors of $100 or more will receive a signed NWNL photograph!

Education is the key to awareness and action.

ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED: NWNL 2013 goals were met as we:

-- Reached over a million people with watershed documentation
-- Completed expeditions to
        Kenya’s Lake Turkana
        Upper-Mid Mississippi River Basin
        Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio River Basin
-- Added three new team members to facilitate the NWNL mission

WHAT NEXT?: NWNL 2014 goals that NEED YOUR SUPPORT include:

-- Expeditions to the Snake River (May) and Lower Mississippi River (Sept)
-- More intensive outreach via print publications, lectures, exhibits and Internet

to support NWNL in its 8th year!

For gifts under $100 (no tax-deduction): Write checks to No Water No Life or send via PayPal.
For tax-deductible gifts of $100 or more: Write checks to: No Water No Life/WINGS World Quest.
Mail all checks to Alison M. Jones, at the NWNL address below.

As we enter 2014 NWNL wants to share our interview with Ray Gardner, Chair of the Chinook Nation. (Even if you have already seen this conversation on our website, it's worth re-reading!)

These excerpts focus on the Chinooks' beginnings along the mouth of the Columbia River and their deep sense of stewardship. We can all be inspired by their connectedness to water.

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