from No Water No Life

All photos are from our Sept-Oct Expedition along the
Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers ©Alison M. Jones

"Over the river and
Through the woods
To grandmother's house we go."
Wherever you are, we wish you
a warm, happy and safe holiday.

We've enjoyed this seasons colors enriched by rains, murmurings of meandering creeks, and watershed wetlands, tributaries and confluences.

Without rivers, we'd miss this glory of flora and fauna. We thank all who are working to protect our freshwater resources and habitats.

As we share our harvests, thanks to all who help NWNL by giving us interviews; sending watershed news; following our blog and social media; and fueling us with donations or a pat on the back!!

May we all find time today to give each other a pat on the back and enjoy the glory of a river or the peace of a quiet pond.

from Alison, Jasmine and Alysha

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