No Water No Life


How do we best protect this resource?
That's what NWNL is investigating.

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On Thursday, October 4, Interview of NWNL Director, Alison Jones
at Wilton Connecticut Library, 7:30 pm:
Alison Jones will discuss North American and African watersheds with documentary photographer-interviewer Daryl Hawk in an event sponsored by Norwalk River Watershed Association. Free to public, register online or call the Wilton Library (203-762-3950, ext 213).

Photo courtesy of Daryl Hawk.

Upcoming Expeditions!

• Oct 22 – Nov 2, NWNL Red River Basin Expedition, TX:
On this 5th expedition to the Mississippi River Basin, NWNL will follow the Mississippi's Red River tributary from North Texas "Dustbowl Country" along the Texas-Oklahoma boundary to Shreveport LA, and on to its confluence with the Atchafalaya and Mississippi Rivers.

• January (dates to be determined), Lake Turkana Expedition, Kenya:
On this 4th expedition to the Omo River Basin, NWNL will investigate threats of lower water levels to the Omo's terminus due to 5 hydro-dams in the Upper Omo basin and extraction of water for sugar cane and cotton plantations in the Lower Omo. See Expedition's Purpose.

More NWNL Documentation!

October 16–21, Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Conference, Lubbock TX:

NWNL will be in the Southern High Plains of the Mississippi River Basin at this SEJ conference focusing on "Big Land – Big Sky – Big Issues." (NWNL Director Alison Jones is a member of SEJ, which features NWNL on its website.)

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