No Water No Life

World Water Week Aug. 26-31, 2012

In recognition of World Water Week, NWNL has updated its website to honor and help foster partnerships among those working on freshwater issues. Enjoy our new water-related VIDEO's and expanded LINKS to watershed scientists, stewards, stakeholders and research resources.


Our LINKS pages list and describe agencies, nonprofits and educational organizations in these categories:

• Global Focus
• Africa
• North America
• Water Relief Projects
• Photographic Projects
• Web News, Mags, Blogs
• Research Sources


Our LINKS and VIDEO lists are far from complete, so we hope you will send us additional recommendations – with their website URLs.

While NWNL does not necessarily endorse the views of all the organizations and videos we've noted, we offer them as helpful resources. (We do not include for-profit or political enterprises.)





All photos by Alison M. Jones


ALSO THIS WEEK: Last summer NWNL rode out Hurricane Irene's sheets of rain in New England (see photo on right). Now NWNL is watching Hurricane Isaac. We hope for the best for all in Isaac's path and send support to the watershed colleagues we met during our October 2011 NWNL Expedition to the Atchafalaya Basin and Grand Isle in the Mississippi Delta.

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