No Water No Life ®


Many responded to our Earth Day Newsletter with more spin-offs on our NWNL project title. So here are more quotation Earth Swatch graphics to celebrate the growing, global awareness of our need for clean freshwater - which obviously can be presented with creativity and humor.

While creating slogans and swatches, NWNL continues to document its American and African watersheds, where many are working to preserve our water resources and reduce consumption. We'll soon share with you promising efforts we're following: from fencing headwaters in Kenya to stabilizing and cleansing estuaries with oyster beds in the US.

Thank you for staying connected to all these issues.

Alison M. Jones


No Water No More
~ Miguel Cardoso, Film Director/Producer, Portugal

No Water No Clean Undies
~ Amy Gulick, Conservation Photographer, US

No Water No Food
~ Joseph Terer, Mara River Basin Mgmt Prog., Kenya

waterless /  lifeless     
little water / big fire
no water? / australia!
no water / beer fine
no water  /  no shower with a friend

~ Jack Halley, Perth Resident, Australia

No Ocean No Earth
~ Anne Doubilet, Underwater Photographer, US

No Water The END
~ JaRon Eames, Jazz & Blues Musician, US

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