No Water No Life ®

Happy Earth Day!

NWNL thanks all who’ve helped us raise awareness of the vulnerability of our fresh water resources. We are invigorated by the energy and vision of those working towards new approaches to sustainable management of our water supplies.

One of NWNL’s goals is “to promote partnerships within and across geopolitical boundaries.” So in that spirit, NWNL extends an Earth Day “Thank You” to those in our African case-study watersheds who support NWNL expeditions.

Some of our Kenyan friends have creatively used our name to underline the vital interconnections between flora, fauna, human existence and water!

No Forest, No Water
– James Robertson, Kenyan conservationist

No Bees, No Vegetation, No Water
– Dino Martins, Kenyan entomologist

No Water, No Further
– Paul Njenga, Kenyan member of NWNL Mau Forest Expedition, 2012

No Water, No Peace
– Wangari Maathai, Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize recipient

More Water, Extended Life
– Paul Adino, Kenyan philosopher

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All Earth photos ©Alison M. Jones / Earth graphic by Jasmine Graf