No Water No Life


On Saturday, December 8th @ 7 pm
at Green Spaces, NYC - 394 Broadway
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Water luminaries will begin the evening by discussing the effects of climate change, devastation of oceans and freshwater resources, and social impacts, specifically with regard to Hurricane Sandy. Gourmet catering and "Liquid Ocean" drinks will follow! Silent auction and proceeds benefit Sandy victims.

Panelists with NWNL Director Alison Jones:

Anne Doubilet - underwater explorer, writer and photographer for 40 years, working on National Geographic Magazine sea stories and now lecturing on oceans in peril.

Paul Greenberg  - author of New York Times bestseller Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food and contributor to many publications and public radio on issues of ocean sustainability.

David Guggenheim  - marine scientist, conservation policy specialist, submarine pilot,  ocean explorer and accomplished speaker, known as "The Ocean Doctor."

Asher Jay - multimedia artist creating visual discourses on contemporary ecological and humanitarian concerns; and founder of Garbagea, Sea Speak Sphere and Message in A Bottle.

Andrew Revkin - science and environmental writer who reported for the New York Times from 1995-2009 and now writes the "Dot Earth" blog for The Times.

Jeff Orlowski - director of Chasing Ice, who has recorded photographer James Balog's never-before-captured moments of glacial losses indicating critical climatic shifts.

Expedition News Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for updates on our recent expedition along the Red and Canadian Rivers in TX and OK (Mississippi River tributaries) & our upcoming Kenya expedition to Lake Turkana (Omo River terminus).