DID YOU KNOW....?? Before human civilization, the planet had 326 million trillion gallons of water. In 2050, the planet will still have 326 million trillion gallons.

No Water No Life®
September Newsletter 2010

World Rivers Day is September 26

In 2005 British Columbia (Canada) and UN agencies initiated World Rivers Day. Observations in 2010 will span from Canada to South Africa, as river stewards share awareness upstream/downstream, river-to-river and across oceans. This outreach matches No Water No Life’s Mission to connect scientists with stakeholders and foster partnerships throughout its 6 case-study watersheds -
and beyond.

NWNL visit to St. Louis - Mississippi River Basin - Sept 2010

St. Louis Explorers Club - NWNL: “Addressing the World’s Thirst”
Director Alison M. Jones shared NWNL photos and research
on threats to our freshwater resources, citing need for reduced
water usage and better watershed management.
KMOX Radio - Alison M. Jones interviewed on exploration and NWNL: “It’s too late to be a pessimist.”

The St. Louis Beacon - Article on NWNL by Robert Duffy: “Ben Franklin would be outraged by the vulgarity of our conspicuous consumptions.”
St. Louis Post Dispatch - Deb Peterson’s coverage of NWNL Lecture
St. Louis Zoo, Wildcare Institute - Intro to their Species Survival Plan
which is saving biodiversity in several NWNL case-study watersheds
Missouri Botanical Garden - Tour; lunch with Dr. Peter H. Raven, Pres. Emeritus, botanist, environmentalist, TIME mag’s “Hero of the Planet.”

NWNL Photography Awards and Credits

INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS 2010 - 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup
“Maasai woman dressed for wedding ceremony” to be published Dec.2010 in Photography Masters Cup magazine “The PHOTO Paper”

Winning image can be viewed under: Portraits Winners Gallery | Masters Cup

NWNL’s photography featured on the United Nations World Water Day 2010 Web Galleries!
(View slideshow under “Campaign Materials”> Photo Galleries> “The Best of Your Photos: Part 2”)





All photos by Alison M. Jones

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