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WATERSHED ALERT: Proposed Serengeti Highway
threatens MARA RIVER BASIN wildlife & ecosystem


Four years ago NWNL defined its focus, expecting new issues to pop up – but never that Tanzania would build a major commercial highway in Serengeti National Park. It would cross the path of the annual migration of 2 million wildebeest, zebra and their predators (lion, leopard, cheetah…)

If built, 31 miles (50 kms.) of concrete would bisect this World Heritage Site. The beneficiaries would be:
– truckers, wanting the shortest Indian Ocean-to-Lake Victoria route.
– poachers, always anxious for easy access to bush meat.

For those concerned, there is a PETITION to Stop the Serengeti Highway. It asks the government to use a slightly longer route south of the Serengeti. (See MAPS comparing the two routes.)

The global outcry that has occurred should have easily convinced Tanzania to fund a slightly longer route in order to protect tourism dollars and employment – not to mention the ecosystem and its renowned wildlife. But the government hasn’t budged yet. (See East African July 12 article)

Poacher with wire snares around his neck.

From the Frankfurt Zoological Society: “The entire Serengeti will change into a completely different landscape, holding only a fraction of its species and losing its world-class tourism potential and its status as the world’s most famous National Park.”

Click for updates, maps and the petition!

[Posted by NWNL on by NWNL on July 15, 2010]

Wildebeest migration.

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