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Flooded home in Missouri in 1993
Current River flooding Ozark roads in Missouri

The Cost of Ignoring the Balance of Nature

Today is World Oceans Day. No Water No Life documents rivers, but they are inter-connected with oceans! NWNL has followed issues of the Mississippi River Basin since 1993’s “Flood of the Century.” Today the Deepwater Oil Spill imperils the health of the Mississippi River, its Delta, the Gulf of Mexico and all associated species, including humankind.   

In light of this tragedy, I have updated my 1993 photo essay on the Mississippi River Flood to include comparisons with today’s culture and our commitment – or lack thereof – to our natural resources. As I read my original story, it was amazing to remember that there were no cell phones or digital cameras then.&hellip ; and to realize that we’re still trying to control the Mississippi with levees. It’s seventeen years later and we still are not doing a good enough job of protecting our natural resources with proper environmental impact studies or enforcement of those that do exist.  

Please pause on this World Oceans Day to consider steps we can take to reverse our consumptive habits and unchecked risk-taking that continues to despoil our planet.  

Thank you,
Alison M. Jones
Founding Director of NWNL

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