A Drop of News – Spring 2010

Tanzania: Mara River, Masurua Swamp, water hyacinth and papyrus

NWNL Blogs from Uganda and Kenya

NWNL is off on its first expedition to document the White Nile and will also revisit the Mara River Basin in the rainy season as a contrast to our 1-month documentation last fall at the end of a severe three-year drought. Do follow my blog about the sites to be visited and issues to be investigated:
Forest and wetlands: The headwaters face deforestation, dam proposals and increasing settlement.
Lake Victoria: Pollution and invasive species threaten the livelihoods of 30 million lakeshore inhabitants.
Climate change: Increases in floods and droughts are greatly impacting these two watersheds.

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NWNL Expedition Report

I have just finished the NWNL report for the Mara Expedition undertaken last Sept - Oct. This is the most thorough report we have done yet and for the first time includes quotes from the stakeholders we interviewed throughout the watershed. Enjoy. Click here to read.

FUN – You Pick the Winning Portrait!

I’ve entered 6 portraits in a photo contest featuring indigenous pastoralists in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley whom I met during my 3 NWNL trips there.  Sadly, it seems their lifestyles will be drastically affected with the installation of large hydro dams upstream.
To help promote their integrity, as well as raising awareness of watershed issues, please go to to vote! Enter “Alison M. Jones” in the top right search box and I suggest voting for the woman with the porcupine quill necklace.  Thanks!!

Ethiopia: Karo woman with porcupine necklace.

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