December 2008 Newsletter

"You think of water when the well is dry." - African proverb

Alison M. Jones Presents
No Water No Life
at The Explorers Club Public Lecture Series

No Water No Life:
Our Thirst Is in Jeopardy

Monday, December 8th, 6-9 pm
46 East 70th Street, New York, NY

Reservations are first-come, first-served. Contact The Explorers Club for tickets: (212) 628-8383. Tickets $20, $5 for students with ID, Explorers Club members are free.

Having completed eight expeditions for No Water No Life as its founder and director, I have much to report and to share. I hope many of you can attend this evening.

For three years, from glaciers to arid deserts, NWNL's team has researched and documented the effects of climate change, infrastructure, development, resource extraction, pollution and habitat degradation. Our expeditions have covered North America's Columbia, Mississippi and Raritan River Basins and northeastern Africa's Blue Nile, Omo and Mara River Basins.

These expeditions have yielded provocative imagery and commentary from over 150 stakeholders, all underlining the importance of developing sustainable freshwater management. Our approach has been enthusiastically endorsed by all we meet, providing the synergy with which we have been able to connect stewardship partners within watersheds from river to river.

Alison M. Jones

A Time for Giving: Please consider supporting NWNL's mission. Our needs are many, including funding for further expeditions, video processing and curriculum development based on the NWNL model. Donations can be sent to the address below. If you wish a tax deduction, let us know and we will process your check through WINGS WorldQuest for a minimal fee to NWNL.

Future Presentations: If you cannot make The Explorers Club lecture on Dec. 8, Alison will be presenting NWNL in a lecture in Darien CT in March (details to come). Let us know if you know of any forums or locales that would like to host a NWNL lecture or photo exhibit!

Obama On Domestic Water Crisis - reported by, Sept 5, 2008:

Senator Obama believes the place to begin water policy is re-shaping the way America uses this precious resource: "prices and policies must be set in ways that give everyone a clear incentive to use water efficiently and avoid waste. Regulations affecting water use in appliances and incentives to shift from irrigated lawns to 'water smart' landscapes are examples".

Obama states the government has an obligation to provide aid in developing water efficiency techniques: "information, training, and, in some cases, economic assistance should be provided to farms and businesses that will need to shift to more efficient water practices." He adds that he will establish a national plan to help "high-growth regions" with water management.

Finally, Senator Obama believes that technology will have a vital role to play in protecting water resources: it is "critical that we undertake a concerted program of research, development, and testing of new technologies that can reduce water use."

NWNL thanks its four summer interns from Sweet Briar College:
Carina K. Finn - who wrote and submitted articles nationwide on NWNL
Melaina Macone - who compiled a NWNL background report on the Mara River Basin
Sarah Margaret Doyle - who compiled a NWNL background report on the Omo River Basin
Megan Behrle - who compiled a NWNL background report on the Mississippi River Basin

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