NWNL Spotlight

Chasing California’s Thirst
March 14–26, 2014 — No Water No Life Spotlight Expedition

NWNL visited the Sacramento Delta from San Francisco Bay to Antioch, the Sacramento River from the Delta north to the Butte Sink region, and the San Joaquin River from the Delta south to Bakersfield to document causes, impacts and solutions of California’s drought with photography, video, and stakeholder interviews. Watch the Expedition Trailer above, follow NWNL on social media, and stay tuned for updates!

- Increased Population and Growing Irrigation Demands with Finite Water Supplies
- Neither Consumers nor Regulators have sufficiently addressed The Value of Water

- It affects us all!  California supplies 50% of US veggies, fruits and nuts.
- No Water = No Irrigation, No Farms, No Food, No Jobs = Economic hit for all of the US!
- California’s Drought Solutions can help solve the global problem of “More people – Less available clean water.”

NWNL will document causes, impacts and solutions to California’s Drought.
How will California move from Water Scarcity to Water Sustainability?