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Caption: “In Ethiopia, men paint their bodies with river clay and carry AK 47s to settle disputes over access to the Omo River, its banks and its rich floodplains, where crops of sorghum, maize and barley can grow. Climate change is decreasing the supplies of water and heightening the risk of conflict.”  ·  Photo by Alison M. Jones.

Environmental Photographer of the Year

New book showcases the very best in environmental photography

THE Environmental Photographer of the Year is an international showcase and competition for amateur and professional photographers who use their images to raise awareness of environmental and social issues.

Organized by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management since 2007, the Environmental Photographer of the Year is one of the fastest growing competitions in the world. The 2010 competition received over 4,500 entries from photographers in 97 countries.

The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 is the first collection of images from the competition. The book contains just a small selection of images, representing the work of more than 75 professional and amateur photographers around the world.  ·  Preview the entire book

Alison M. Jones is honored to have one of her images appear on page 49 of the collection. While on expedition with No Water No Life® along the Omo River, she photographed a man with body and face paint holding a rifle in front of a tribal granary in Ethiopia. The image illustrates the risk of conflict brought about by decreased water supplies due to climate change.