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Ethiopia’s Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile.   © Alison M. Jones

Call to Action from NWNL: To become involved in providing solutions to water needs, locally or globally, see our Watershed Aid and Solutions list. Remember – it’s too late to be a pessimist!

“No matter what the issue is, it has to be handled at the grass roots. When you take part in something, even though that movement may lose, the juices start flowing and you feel you count.” — Studs Terkel

“I have never seen a river that I could not love. Moving water has a fascinating vitality. It has power and grace and associations. It has a thousand colors and shapes.”Roderick Haig-Brown


Alltop Water Sites: This listing of top water-related news, sites and blogs has information, tips, news and events relating to water.

American Water Resources Association (AWRA): This non-profit professional association advances multidisciplinary approaches to water-resource management, research and education. Blogs at

The BCWF Bog Blog is a space to share ideas across the province on how to protect British Columbia’s unique remaining wetlands and restore others. This is a space for ‘wet-working’: a continued dialogue with those dedicated to wetland conservation & appreciation. Useful resources are regularly added to this website and wetland stewards are encouraged to share information they may come across.

Blue Living Ideas: This resource shares news on clean drinking water, water conservation, water technologies, politics and economics.

The California Water Blog, by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences (a unit of the John Muir Institute of the Environment), is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of critical issues in watershed science with a focus on the sustainable and cost-effective restoration and management of stream, lake and estuarine ecosystems.

Circle of Blue Water News: Daily reports on global water news and data.

Columbia Basin Bulletin Weekly Fish and Wildlife News: This website posts all its bulletins regularly, or you can subscribe at Newsletter Signup to receive bulletins by email.

Dot Earth: In this interactive blog, NYTimes reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines relevant news on climate change from suburbia to Siberia.

The Freshwater Blog covers the science, policy and conservation of global freshwater ecosystems, and is run by the European Union MARS project.

Freshwater Research News (FRN) is a free newsletter designed to increase understanding of aquatic issues by bringing recently-published research findings to a general audience. FRN draws on articles from over 60 scientific journals to produce brief, easy-to read summaries of the background and significance of freshwater research projects from around the world.

Mongabay hosts a website used by 1 million visitors per month and a weekly email newsletter complied by founder Rhett A. Butler. This very popular environmental science and conservation news resource relays tropical forests, conservation and wildlife news. Mongabay primarily uses peer-reviewed journals and scientists as sources of information.

Pastoralist Development Network of Kenya (PDNK), an advocacy NGO, is a conglomeration of 60 pastoralists’ individuals, NGOs and CBOs and non-pastoralist institutions and individuals supporting pastoralists’ development in Kenya. It draws its membership from North Rift, South Rift, North Eastern and Upper Eastern regions of Kenya representing 14 pastoralist Counties. Its mission is to lobby for the inclusion of the pastoralist agenda in mainstream development with the vision of a prosperous pastoralist society.

Raritan Headwaters Association: This organization sends emails to raise awareness of water supply issues in the Upper Raritan River Basin, 470 square miles home to 400,000 people. Their community events are educational and involve stakeholders in protecting their own back yards. The Raritan River is one of the 6 NWNL case-study watersheds, chosen because it is the largest drainage in the country’s most densely populated state.

Raritan River Collaborative News: Raritan River Collaborative members are aiming for the highest quality for the Raritan Basin’s waters and riparian areas. Collectively, with generous guidance from Rutgers University, they are changing the quality of the river. Questions discussed (such as need for water quality testing and site remediation) are contained in their monthly email newsletters which also cover the Raritan’s environmental threats, stakeholder activities and educational/recreational opportunities in this NWNL case-study watershed.

The River Management Blog is intended as a site where technical specialists and non-experts alike can come together to discuss the various issues, challenges and opportunities presented by river management.

World Resources Institute (WRI): Online magazine and blogs for water policy advice and ideas focused on people, ecosystems, governance, climate, markets and enterprise.

[Updated April 22, 2016]