Mississippi River Basin

Tennessee & Ohio Rivers Expedition – Interview Log
Sept. 28 – Oct. 26, 2013

9/28 New River Gorge National Park, WV

  • Jesse Purvis, National Park Service Aquatic Ecologist
  • Greg Westman, local dulcimer and psalterie musician

9/30 Knoxville TN

  • Jenny Newby, Ijams Nature Center Development Assistant

10/1 Knoxville TN – TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)

  • Thomas W. Barnett, re TVA coordination of water levels in Tennessee & Ohio Basins
  • Travis Brickley, Public Relations

10/3 Chattanooga TN – Sequoyah Nuclear Plant (TVA)

  • Frederick D. Brown, U.S. NRC Deputy Regional Administrator for Construction
  • Mike Bradley, TVA Public Relations & Corporate Information
  • Malinda Hanson, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Public Relations
  • Chris Reneau, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant TVA rep
  • Roger Witherspoon, freelance journalist, SEJ
  • Anne Harris, former TVA employee
  • Steve Smith, Exec. Dir., Southern Alliance of Clean Energy
  • John Carlin, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant
  • Sandy Kurtz, local parent
  • Dave Flessner

Chattanooga TN – Chickamauga Dam (TVA)

  • Tony Townsend, TVA Public Relations

10/5 Chattanooga TN – Tour of city’s “Green Southside”

  • Pam Sohn, Opinion Editor, Chattanooga Times Free Press
  • Michael Marino, JACOBS Operations Manager
  • Ken Hays MR, local resident on green infrastructure

10/7 South Pittsburg TN (actually just across state line in Alabama)

  • Jerry Body, local resident, re: TN-GA “water wars”

10/8 Guntersville AL

  • Ray Dennison, Pal Harbor Marina owner

10/10 Iuka MS (formerly Eastport MS)

  • Carolyn Terry, The Apron Museum
  • Morgan Turner, re her great-grandmother being moved out of Holcut MS when TVA built the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

10/11 Nashville TN

  • Gwen Griffith, Program Director at Cumberland River Compact
  • Paul Davis, Water Resources Consultant, former Director of Water Pollution Control for Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

10/12 Nashville TN

  • Al Gore, Former US Vice President – Taped his speech on “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change” at Southeast Book Fair
  • Craig Owensby, Metro Nashville Planning Department

10/15 Kingston TN – Coal Fly Ash Slurry spill at TVA site on Swan Pond Rd

  • Carol Eimers, TVA General Manager of Swan Pond Site’s Support Services
  • Kathryn Nash, TVA, General Manager
  • Duncan Mansfield, TVA Communications Consultant on Issues Management
  • Neil Carriker, TVA, Scientist

10/16 Birdsong TN

  • INTV Lynnette Douglas, The American Pearl Museum

10/17 Grand Rivers KY

  • James L. Evans Jr., owner of Pokey’s Café and Bullfrog Bait Shop
  • Bob Maxwell, former city councilman

10/21 Cincinnati OH

  • Sally Guterriez, EPA Cincinnati Technology Collaboration and Transfer, re water technology initiatives and R&D for OH, KY and IN
  • Rich Cogen, Ohio River Foundation

10/22 Cincinnati OH

  • INTV Peter A. Tennant, Executive Director and Chief Engineer of ORSANCO (Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission)

10/24 Huntington WV

  • Charles C. Somerville, Dean, College of Science, Marshall University; and Chair of Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA)
  • Mark D. Kessinger, USACE Project Manager; Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA)

10/24 Wheeling WV – Wheeling Water Warriors

  • Robin and Ed Mahonen, co-founders
  • Erin Bowers, local High School teacher

10/24 Wheeling WV

  • Robin and Ed Mahonen, Wheeling Water Warriors, Founders
  • Mark R. Eddy, homeowner affected by fracking spill, Research Director of Exogeny Radio Network
  • Benjamin Stout, Biology Professor at Wheeling Jesuit University
  • Steve Novotney, WKKX radio interviewer

10/26 Pittsburgh PA – Marcellus Protest members re: fracking

  • Douglas Shields, former Pittsburgh City Councilman
  • Briget Shields, Marcellus Protest Grassroots Organizer
  • Gloria Forouzan, Center for Progressive Leadership
  • Loretta Weir, Marcellus Protest Advertising and Education

[Published November 15, 2013; updated January 11, 2017]