Mississippi River BasinPhoto Gallery

After Hurricane Katrina: October, 2005
by Jennifer Weinberg

My father’s recliner amongst the trash gutted from our flooded home in New Orleans.

Frostop burger joint, a New Orleans landmark, with the famous root beer mug turned upside down in the parking lot.

Residential neighborhood a few hundred yards from the levee breach at the 17th Street Canal.

A Mardi Gras jester rests in front of a flooded home in Lakeview, New Orleans.

A family photo sits in the mud washed from its home near the levee breach at the 17th Street Canal.

Disheveled boats still sit in the marina near a destroyed pier on Lake Ponchatrain.

The ripple effect of this home was caused by it floating off of its foundation to rest here in Lakeview.

This home near the levee breach shows the water line and destruction of the flood.

These two homes near the levee breach have been shifted off of their foundations running into each other and the trees.

Lake Ponchatrain Marina: This boat is only partially sunk because of the mountain of boats beneath it.

Our bedroom after 6 feet of water in our home sat for 5 weeks.

A child’s doll and stuffed animal sit in the mud after being washed out the home near the levee breach.