Columbia River BasinItinerary

Itinerary, August 4–20, 2008

Project Leader: Alison Jones
Expedition Coordinator: Erin Vintenner


(Expedition Members: Alison M. Jones, Kalista Pruden)

Expedition maps

See Maps of the Columbia River Basin

August 4: Departure of Upper Columbia River Basin Expedition: to British Columbia, CAN.

Chicago, IL – Arrival in Castlegar, B.C., delayed due to tornado touchdowns at O’Hare Airport.
Overnight in Chicago.

August 5: West Kootenay, BC

Castlegar – Arrive via Vancouver and connecting flight over Fraser and Okanagan River Basins; the Columbia River’s Hugh Keenleyside Dam; and the Columbia’s confluence with the Kootenay River at Castlegar.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 6: West Kootenay, BC

Castlegar – Initial setup of No Water No Life exhibit in Kootenay Gallery with Val Field, Curator. Meet with Takaia Larsen of Robson to discuss history of Teck Cominco’s zinc smelting pollution of the Columbia River.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 7: West Kootenay, BC

Visitors at the Kootenay Gallery

Castlegar – Kootenay Gallery opens “No Water No Life” and “Remembering Renata” exhibits. Meet with Pat Field, Project Coordinator of Darkwoods, to discuss impact and management of this eco-purchase.
Salmo – Meet with Gerry Nellestjin, Coordinator of Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society, to discuss award and continued advocacy issues.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 8: West Kootenay, BC

Castlegar – Opening of “No Water No Life Exhibit” and “Remembering Renata” in Kootenay Gallery.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 9: West Kootenay, BC

Castlegar – Present “No Water No Life” lecture at Kootenay Gallery. Videotape author Anne DeGrace’s reading about the Hugh Keenleyside Dam’s flooding of communities.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 10: West Kootenay, BC

Nelson – Visit Touchstone Gallery to read David Thompson’s “Columbia Journals” (1792-1812).
Kootenay Lake – Explore habitat and development along West and South Arms of Kootenay Lake (by car and ferry). Return via Creston and Kootenay Pass on Crowchild Highway.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 11: East Kootenay

Railroad tracks along Columbia Wetlands

Castlegar – Interview Walter Volovsek on Waldie Environmental Reserve and Waldie Island Heron Reserve.
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area – Management of wetlands habitat and services.
Cranbrook and Elizabeth Lake Wildlife Center – Incursion of residential development.
Skookumchuck – Tembec Pulp Mill on the Columbia River.
Columbia Wetlands – Railroad and industry on edges of wetlands.
Overnight in Radium Hot Springs.

August 12: East Kootenay

Columbia Wetlands – Explore habitats and degradation issues.
Overnight in Radium Hot Springs.

August 13: East Kootenay

Columbia Wetlands – Continue to explore habitats and degradation issues.
Canal Flats – Source of Columbia River.
Overnight in Radium Hot Springs.

August 14: East Kootenay

Kootenay National Park (World Heritage Site) and Lake Olive – Park and forest management and usage.
Columbia Wetlands – Continue to explore habitats and degradation issues.
Overnight in Radium Hot Springs.

Solar panels at resort using alternative energy

August 15: East Kootenay

Kootenay National Park / Kootenay River / Vermillion River – Park and forest management.
Nipika Mountain Resort – Alternative, off-the-grid energy meeting resort’s needs.
Wilmer / Columbia Wetlands – Habitat from Forster Road.
Overnight in Radium Hot Springs.

August 16: East Kootenay to West Kootenay

Brisco / Columbia Wetlands – Brisco Wood Preservers Ltd. (timber mill). Drive across Brisco and Botts Channels towards Bugaboo Provincial Park.
Golden / Kicking Horse River – Observe transition from Columbia Wetlands to Columbia River.
Kinbasket Lake Resort – Return visit to meet with manager Rick Chartraw and compare lake’s water level with that of our June ’07 expedition visit, as well as consequences of June ’07’s floods.
Glacier National Park – Glaciers and forest fire. Rogers Pass, elev. 4,363 feet (1330 meters).
Mount Revelstoke National Park – Habitats and effect of Trans-Canada Hwy through park.
Upper Arrow Lake / Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Inn – Meet with owner René J. Hueppi to discuss private micro hydro-plant and off-the-grid energy.
Overnight in Mulvehill.

August 17: West Kootenay

Blanket Creek Provincial Park – Park usage, biodiversity and wildlife management.
Arrow Lakes Provincial Park – Lakeshore habitat and weather.
Shelter Bay - Galena Bay Ferry – BC Hydro’s use of ferry for its fish fertilization program.
Nakusp / Upper Arrow Lake – History of old steamship wharf and shipyards.
Overnight in Nakusp.

August 18: West Kootenay

Slocan River Basin / Slocan Lake / New Denver – Riparian restoration.
Sandon – Former 1890s mining center now reopened to mine galena, with oldest operating hydro station in BC.
Kaslo / North Arm of Kootenay Lake – Former lakeside transportation center for forestry industry.
Overnight in Castlegar.

August 19: West Kootenay to United States

Castlegar – Interview Pat Field, Project Manager of Darkwoods, on impacts of land conservation on watershed protection, and the intersection of science and art in motivating stakeholder conservation.
Chicago IL – Delay en route to NYC due to weather problems.
Overnight in Chicago.

August 20: United States – End of Expedition

New York City – Return of No Water No Life’s Upper Columbia River Basin Expedition.