Columbia River BasinExpedition

Canadian Rockies stream.


This expedition is focusing on the impacts of 1) retreating glaciers and diminished snow packs, 2) the hydroelectric infrastructure of over 400 dams in the Basin, and 3) possible pollution from mining, agriculture, and the Hanford Nuclear Site. Restoration of the river’s free flow by dam removal, wetlands conservation, and preservation of salmon as a keystone species will be documented. A NWNL team of 2 professional photographers, a videographer, and a restoration ecologist will begin in British Columbia at the hydrologic apex of the Columbia Icefields and its 27,000-hectare wetlands. US expedition highlights will include the Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dams, the Columbia River Gorge and Astoria Estuary.

The results of the Columbia River Basin expedition, a model for other watersheds with large populations, will be combined with results from other NWNL watersheds in Africa and North America as a reference for global solutions.