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The Water Cycle

Print this image of the water cycle diagram courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. To learn more about the earth’s hydrologic cycle, go to the USGS webpage Water Science for Schools.

The Water Cycle for Schools page has an interactive water-cycle diagram and files for printing.

Indicators of a Warming World

This simple diagram of indicators of global warming in our watersheds is offered by Skeptical Science. The clear graphic approach mirrors that of the USGS Water Cycle chart above. A Creative Commons graphic, this useful educational tool raises awareness and understanding of worldwide threats of temperature rise, such as melting glaciers and sea ice, rising sea levels and shifting seasons. Go to Skeptical Science for further elaboration and for discussions of scientific rebuttals to common Climate Myths, including “climate has changed before;” “there is no consensus;” and “it hasn’t warmed since 1998.”

Poisoned Waters preview (3:18)

“Poisoned Waters” Discussion Questions & Lesson Plan

PBS’s Poisoned Waters documentary explores threats and solutions to water quality. It has been highly recommended by professional environmental and scientific communities focused on water quality. More information.

PBS also created a Teacher’s Guide with discussion questions and Lesson Plan to use with the video as an educational outreach resource for nonprofits, foundations, activists, schools and colleges focusing on issues and solutions for saving US waterways.