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NWNL Offers 14 Hydro-Graphic Sets
Designs by Jenna Petrone – Photographs by Alison M. Jones

Gift idea! NWNL also sells a set of 4 coasters of our favorite NWNL Hydro-Graphics.
With a glossy finish and cork backing they are great conservation/conversation starters!

IMPRESSED by the info-graphics in social media during the 2015 State of the Union Address, No Water No Life® (NWNL) has adopted this effective educational strategy. Combining NWNL photographs with scientific data and environmental stewards’ observations, our “hydro-graphics” address the values and vulnerability of our freshwater resources.

NWNL has posted its new hydro-graphics on our social media to introduce NWNL followers to this means of addressing the importance of water. One NWNL hydro-graphic, featuring the quote “We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one,” by Jacques Cousteau, has reached over 36,000 people on Facebook with over 2,000 likes, comments and shares. This is just one example of how easily essential information with one image can reach thousands of people and connect with their current concerns and commitments.

After a year in the making, NWNL hydro-graphics are now available for educational purposes. All of these hydro-graphics can be downloaded from our website’s “Educational Tools” as PDFs to print and share. NWNL encourages you to use our hydro-graphics to teach the value and vulnerability of our watersheds, and also the impacts created by combining the powers of photography and science.

We hope these hydro-graphics encourage you to enjoy your watersheds.

[Published June 24, 2016]